Having represented hundreds of buyers, sellers and brokers in his real estate law practice and having closed over $1 billion of real estate transactions, Rick Waite saw a need for more sophisticated representation of buyers and sellers in the increasingly complex world of real estate. Why not provide buyers and sellers with a preeminent lawyer and broker on every transaction at no extra charge? With that, New Wave Real Estate was born.  


Since its humble beginnings in 2008, New Wave Real Estate has grown organically, one transaction at a time, providing each client with the best legal and brokerage representation available. Rick and his highly regarded team, including Emily Behrmann, are skilled advocates who take their fiduciary duties seriously, always placing their clients’ interests above their own.


Every New Wave client – from the seller of a Malibu beachfront estate to the first time buyer of a South Park bungalow to the buyer of a Solana Beach mixed use property – receives the careful attention of a dedicated real estate professional and the additional protection afforded by a prominent real estate attorney.


New Wave. A New Way. Peace of Mind Included.”